Oh Hey… 9 Ways to Save on Flowers


Listen: “Experts” in the industry love to tell brides that pulling back on the flower budget is one of the quickest, most efficient ways to save money.

You guys, sometimes we feel like this ruins everything.

We love flowers most of all, but totally understand that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg in this department. But we also NEED you to know- you don’t need to use feathers in leu of blooms and call it a comeback. There are ways to work around this.

Here are nine tips to having beautiful wedding flowers without breaking the bank:


1.  Find a florist that knows you LOVE flowers but have a TIGHT budget.

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Via Once Wed

A knowledgable and experienced florist will work within your means. If you tell them your master plan, they will surely come up with an affordable variation within your budget. Try to have an open mind and they might just make some magic happen.

2. Rethink your “musts.”


Via Jose Villa

Peonies are your favorite? Ours too. But the cost of some of these wedding faves can really hike up the floral budget. Remember, premium flowers (like peonies, hydrangeas,  lily of the valley, cattleya orchids, and gardenias) come at a premium price tag. Ask your florists for some new suggestions that might be a fresh spin on the look you love.

3. Don’t feel the need to pack every arrangement full of blooms.


Via Once Wed

Sometimes simplicity can make just as much of an impact as a whole handful of roses. We love single blooms stuck in small glass jars for cocktail hour or bridesmaids carrying a single gorgeous stem.

4. One word: greenery!


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With wedding style going more rustic and less ballroom, wedding flowers are becoming looser and using more greenery. Foliage is far less expensive than stemmed florals.  A new trend we are falling in love with is the bloom-less look. When executed correctly, choosing something like olive branches can make an amazing impact.

5. Repurpose your ceremony arrangements.

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Via Flower Magazine

We are all for repurposing arrangement from your ceremony to your reception space during cocktail hour, but try not get too carried away with this. It can make things rushed and sloppy. Decide on arrangements that are easy to transport and feature them in more than one place. Your florist might charge you a small repurposing fee, but it’s much less expensive than an extra arrangement.

6. Repurpose the bridal party bouquets.

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Via Flicker

This one can be tricky. We don’t LOVE seeing bouquets stuck in glass jars with ribbons intact (unless it looks like the above photo). If your planner or helping hands can snip off all the ribbons and quickly arrange the bouquets into vessels in a way you are confident with, these arrangements are great to flank the reception bars or surround the cake table.

7. Skip actual bridesmaid “bouquets”


Bridesmaids bouquets can be simplified to a single bloom or a fun wrist corsage. Not only will it save on price, but it adds a fun new element to your wedding day.

8. Space them out.


Via 100 Layer Cake

You don’t need to have flowers on every inch of your table, give them some room to breathe!

9. Use more candles.


Via Style Me Pretty

Candles bring so much romance to a wedding. We love the idea of skipping on floral for a big impact candle display. You can stock up when you see sale candles throughout the year. Just make sure your venue allows for candles to be lit at your event.



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